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major_west's Journal

Major Henry West
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Character Info
Name: Major Henry West.
Nicknames/Aliases: Uh. Major West. GOD HE'S EXCITING.
Occupation: Former Major in the British Army. Currently stuck on kitchen duty on the Barge. This does not please him.

Age: 32.
Height: 6' 1½".
Weight: Skinny bastard.
Hair: Gingerish-blonde.
Eyes: Blue.

Orientation: CLOSETED. Although he finally quietly came out after his hand was forced during a flood. He's still weird about it and rarely talks about it in public.
Relationship Status: Billy/Dr. Horrible. YES, I KNOW THAT'S AN ODD COUPLE. It just sort of happened after over eight months of character interaction and development. He also used to have a fairly regular thing going with the Marquis de Sade, and had a one-night-stand with Jack Harkness. I don't know how he gets around so much for such an uptight prude.
Friends: Dr. Horrible, Adam Monroe, the Marquis de Sade, Libby Widmore, Jack Harkness, Snoop Pearson, Charlie Prince, Toshiko Sato, sometimes Namor, tolerates Loki (for Billy). He tends to like MANLY MEN (especially if they remind him of his BOOOOYYYYS) and women who aren't (outwardly) crazy.
Enemies: MOTHERFUCKING JIM!! (whether he's in the game or not), Drusilla, Silhouette, Rayne, Hannah Logan, any crazy violent inmate chick, and a bunch of other people, but I forget right now.

Status: Inmate, for being a psycho bastard who advocates rape.
Warden: Morgan Adams; Interim: Rube Sofer.
Room: Level 3, Room 5
Timeline: Post-Death, after Mailer tore his face apart.
Fourth Wall: NO. But you can mistake him for other Eccleston characters.

This is an RP journal for lastvoyages. I am clearly not Christopher Eccleston, nor do I own or have anything to do with him or 28 Days Later. I KNOW IT'S A SHOCK, I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. SORRY GUYS.

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